What We Do

Welcome to the Harvest Bakery website, the home of Traditional Rye Bread and Classic Cakes Bakery on the East Coast of England. We take pride in crafting the finest bread, an exquisite selection of confectionery, and cakes for all your special occasions.

Everything is freshly baked and prepared on-site, using only the highest quality ingredients. Our range of products is meticulously crafted by hand, following timeless recipes, and baked in original brick-lined ovens, imparting a unique taste, flavor, and crust to our bread.

Freshness and quality are the hallmarks of our products, and we are proud of the exceptional standards we maintain.

Some of our breads are crafted with 100% rye flour, while others incorporate varying percentages. The influence of rye flour on dough handling and the resulting taste and texture of our bread varies according to the proportion of rye used. This diversity allows our customers to discover and savor their own favorite taste.

Thank you for choosing Harvest Bakery for your culinary delights.


We understand what is important to your business: reasonable prices, a wide variety of products, consistent quality, freshness, and on-time delivery service. We take pride in providing a delivery service to our customers all over the country. After all, there’s no point in baking the freshest bread if we don’t have the means to get it to you.

We have delivery routes serving areas throughout England, Wales, and Scotland. Deliveries are scheduled on different days of the week to accommodate your needs. Our drivers are trained to manage product inventory levels and rotation.

Your order is our priority – we deliver.

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Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business, new projects, creative opportunities and how we can help you.